Sectional Rail Couplings

Coupling technology designed for sectional gripper-rail attachment in transfer systems used in press automation.  Featuring a patented force amplification system, the clamping design assures a high stiffness and high precision connection.  The lightweight, compact high-durability couplings can be adapted easily to every current gripper-rail profile.  Not only can the sectional rail couplings be installed by the OEM, they can easily be retrofitted into existing systems.

Sectional Rail Couplings

Design Characteristics
Horizontally or vertically joinable
Manual or pneumatic clamping
High clamping forces through wedge clamping kinematic
High dynamic stiffness - very short clamping times
Maintained with minimal clamping forces even in case of pressure loss
Compact dimensions - lightweight
Electrical indication of clamping status
Compensation of sectional rail offset of up to ± 5mm
Robust design made from tempered steel – corrosion-protected
Pre-centering via centering pin
High durability - minimal maintenance costs

Sectional Rail Couplings PKH Horizontal





Watch the PKH (Horizontal) Sectional Rail Coupling in action.

Sectional Rail Couplings PKV Vertical






Watch the PKV (Vertical) Sectional Rail Coupling in action.
View the Sectional Rail Coupling brochure.