EPL-A-070-050G Inline Gear Reducer

EPL-A-070-050G Inline planetary gearbox

Model: EPL-A-070-050G

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Product Details

Configurable Attributes
Motor Mfg
Motor Part Number
Motor Shaft Diameter - mm (3.00 to 14.00)
Motor Shaft Length - mm (1.00 to 500.00)
Motor Pilot Diameter - mm (10.00 to 250.00)
Motor Pilot Height - mm (0.50 to 200.00)
Motor Bolt Circle - mm (1.00 to 350.00)
Motor Bolt Holes - mm (3.00 to 16.50)
Gearbox Series EPL
Gearbox Style A
Gearbox Size 070
Options G
Nominal Output Torque (Nm) 42.00
Max Acceleration Output Torque (Nm) 52.0
Emergency Output Torque (Nm) 84.0
Nominal Speed (RPM) 3,500
Max Input Speed (RPM) 6,000
Maximum Output Backlash (arcmin) 14
Allowable Radial Load (N) 1,550
Allowable Axial Load (N) 1,450
Torsional Stiffness (Nm/arcmin) 2.4
Weight (kg) 1.3
Noise Level (dB) <66
Mass Moment of Inertia (kg cm²) 0.34
Efficiency at Load 92%
Service Life >30000 Hours
Lubrication Mineral Grease EPO
Protection Rating IP 64
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 90°C
D1 Max (mm) 16
D2 k6 (mm) 16.000
D3 h6 (mm) 52.000
D4 (mm) 62.000
D5 (mm) 70.000
F1 M5x10
F2 (8x)M5x10
L1 (mm) 152
L2 (mm) 36.0
L3 (mm) 25.00
L4 (mm) 28
L5 (mm) 5.0
L6 (mm) 5.000
L7 (mm) 18.000
L8 (mm) 70
Notice Overall length values are approximate and will vary depending upon the motor.
Notice Drawings and information contained herein are for reference only. Please contact GAM for application specific drawings.