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KM-270 Bellows coupling

Model: KM-270

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Product Details

Configurable Attributes
Bore 1 Diameter (27.00 to 55.00)
Bore 1 Unit
Bore 2 Diameter (27.00 to 55.00)
Bore 2 Unit
Keyway 1
Keyway 2
Nominal Torque (Nm) 270.0
Moment of Inertia (10⁻³ kgm²) 2.2000
Torsion Resistance (Nm/arc-min) 32.00
Max Lateral Misalignment (mm) 0.30
Mass (kg) 1.40
Length (mm) 100.0
Notice Reduced tightening torque for bores greater than 50mm
Notice Drawings and information contained herein are for reference only. Please contact GAM for application specific drawings.
Series Catalog KM.pdf
Full catalog GAM Catalog.pdf