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DL-DW Right Angle Hypoid Gearbox

DL-DW-055-025H Right Angle hypoid gearbox

Model: DL-DW-055-025H

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Product Details

Dyna-Lite (DL) Series right angle hypoid gearboxes provide a right angle gearbox with the performance and price point of a precision inline gearbox. The DL-DW-055-025H has a single output shaft with a bellows coupling input, including a motor mount customized to your specific motor. The DL-DW series drops in for our highest precions Dyna Series (DS) gearboxes.

Configurable Attributes
Motor Mfg
Motor Part Number
Motor Shaft Diameter - mm (3.00 to 14.00)
Motor Shaft Length - mm (1.00 to 500.00)
Motor Pilot Diameter - mm (10.00 to 250.00)
Motor Pilot Height - mm (0.50 to 200.00)
Motor Bolt Circle - mm (1.00 to 350.00)
Motor Bolt Holes - mm (3.00 to 16.50)
Gearbox Series DL
Gearbox Style DW Shaft Output
Gearbox Size 055
Options H
Nominal Output Torque (Nm) 35.00
Max Acceleration Output Torque (Nm) 53.0
Emergency Output Torque (Nm) 70.0
Nominal Speed (RPM) 3,500
Max Input Speed (RPM) 6,000
Maximum Output Backlash (arcmin) 9
Allowable Radial Load (N) 3,300
Allowable Axial Load (N) 1,650
Torsional Stiffness (Nm/arcmin) 1.5
Weight (kg) 3.6
Noise Level (dB) <69
Mass Moment of Inertia (kg cm²) .17
Efficiency at Load 87%
Service Life >15000 hours
Lubrication Life Time Lubrication
Protection Rating IP 64
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 100°C
D2 k6 (mm) 20.000
L1 (mm) 236
L6 (mm) 90.000
L8 (mm) 123
Notice Overall length values are approximate and will vary depending upon the motor.
Notice Drawings and information contained herein are for reference only. Please contact GAM for application specific drawings.