MSP Power Clamping Screw

GAM MSP power clamping screws have been developed for the most exacting demands and maximum workpiece weights with an optimum operational safety. They are primarily suited for integration in jaw boxes or for direct installation in faceplates of lathes, grinding, and special machines. GAM power clamping screws have been used to center and secure upwards of 400 TONS!

Diverse clamping screw series with different constructions assemblies and profile requirements are available. The user can choose between a hydraulic or mechanical, and single or double action designs. All parts are made of heat-treated steel and produced in high precision, this guarantees the operator a clamping element with highest robustness and sturdiness.



MSP Power Clamping Screw

  • All parts are made of heat-treated steel and produced to high precision standards.

MSP Detailed View

MSP Power Clamping Screw Integrated in Chuck Jaw Box

  • MSP integrated in a chuck jaw box.

MSP Lathe Application

MSP Power Clamping Screw Lathe Application

  • Face plate for a turning center using 8 MSP 200 clamping screws.
  • Clamping of a turbine rotor up to 350 tons of total weight.



MSP Benefits

  • Low actuation torque-enormous clamping force
  • Simple, manual operation and low maintenance
  • High rigidity with large clamping stroke