New GCL Robotic Cycloidal Gearboxes Available

GAM GPL-H GearboxMount Prospect, Ill. – November 14, 2018 – GAM announces the release of the new GCL cycloidal gearboxes. The new gearboxes provide high precision and rigidity for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications.

The GCL is designed to withstand the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots and other motion control applications with impact resistance five times nominal torque. The GCL series is available in a wide range of sizes with ratios from 36:1 to 192:1.

“GAM has always been known for our breadth of products,” said Craig Van den Avont, President GAM, “and we are pleased to expand our offering of zero-backlash gearboxes with the introduction of the GCL cycloidal gearbox.”

Output options for the GCL series include component boxes with a solid flanged output (GCLC F) or a hollow shaft flanged output (GCLC-H). In addition, the solid flanged output gearbox is available with a cover and motor mount (GCL-F). The GCL series can be used in a variety of applications, from robotics and automation to medical equipment, where zero-backlash and high tilting and torsional rigidity are required

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    GAM GCL-F Cycloidal Gearbox GAM GCL Cycloidal Gearbox Application

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