New Coupling for Attaching Gripper Rails in Transfer Systems

GAM Introduces New Coupling for Attaching Gripper Rails in Transfer SystemsMount Prospect, IL - September 12, 2012 – GAM has has introduced coupling technology that eases sectional gripper-rail attachment in transfer systems. The lightweight, compact high-durability couplings can be adapted to every current gripper-rail profile, according to company officials, with clamping force generated either manually or pneumatically. The gripper-rail couplings can be retrofitted into existing systems or installed by the transfer-system OEM. The clamping design enables high stiffness and high precision of the connection. Designed by Jakob Antriebstechnik GmbH of Germany and introduced by GAM Enterprises in North America, the couplings currently find use on transfer systems in Europe.

The couplings provide vertical as well as horizontal separation. The horizontal version offers pneumatic operation, a key feature. Hydraulic couplings can leak, he notes, causing oil to drip or spray onto parts, equipment and the floor—a damaging development and a safety hazard for employees.

In addition, the horizontal couplings are designed so that, in the event of an air-pressure loss, the transfer rails will stay secure with a minimal loss of holding capability.

All couplings are controlled electrically to monitor clamping status, and fit directly to current gripper rails or with the help of simple adapter plates. Designed to provide easy separation to speed changeover, the couplings can be outfitted with additional electrical and air connections to simplify installation into various transfer systems.

The couplings feature patented force amplification via a wedge clamping design, and can compensate for a gap of as long as 5 mm between the active and passive parts of the coupling.

Other features include pre-centering via a centering pin, assisting in the couplings’ ability to maintain repeatability of tool position and high accuracy.


For more information on gripper-rail-attachment couplings for transfer systems from GAM Enterprises, contact Gary Michalek, GAM, CEO at 847.649.2500 or contact GAM here

Download the Sectional Rail Coupling Press Release as a .PDF file