DL-DC Right Angle Gearbox Connects Motors and Actuators

The DL-DC is a hollow output configuration of the Dyna-Lite right angle gear reducer series, designed to mount directly to actuators.

A clamping ring compresses over the hollow output shaft to uniformly distribute forces which results in a secure and zero backlash connection with the actuator shaft. This hollow output design, paired with the hypoid gear technology, creates a compact right angle solution ideal for actuators and other applications where space is limited.

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Linear Mount Products: DL-DC hollow output gearbox

How does the DL-DC connect motor and actuator?

The DL-DC easily connects a motor to an actuator with customized adapters:

  1. Motor Adapter Plate customized to your servo motor
  2. DL-DC Hollow Output Gearbox (High performance right angle hypoid gearbox)
  3. Hollow Output Shaft (Allows for quick and easy mounting to any actuator)
  4. Actuator Adapter Plate customized for your linear actuator
  5. Actuator
  6. Motor

Just tell us what motor and linear actuator you want to mount and GAM will take care of the rest!

DL-DC (Hollow Output)

Gear Reducers | Right Angle Hypoid Gearbox Dyna Lite DL-DC Series
  • Hollow output shaft for direct connection to linear actuators
  • Includes output adapter to mount to virtually any actuator
  • Input adapter and high performance bellows coupling to mount to any servo motor
  • Ratios up to 15:1 in a single stage and 150:1 in two stages
  • Frame sizes: 55, 75 and 90 mm
  • Select, configure, and download CAD Models

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