LSK - Linear Slide Kit

LSK connects motor to linear slideOur no-hassle solution for mounting linear slides to motors and gearboxes is the GAM LSK (Linear Slide Kit.) It can be customized to any motor or gearbox and linear slide or actuator. The LKS includes a coupling — your choice of bellows or elastomer type.

The LSK is readily available and comes complete with mounting hardware, just to tighten the bolts!

  • Customized assembly to mount any motor or gearbox to any linear slide
  • Coupling included
  • Quick delivery (Most designs ship in about one week)

Just tell us what motor and what actuator you are using and GAM will take care of the rest!

GAM Linear Mount Products: Everything Between the Motor and the Actuator


How do I quickly size an LSK (Linear Slide Kit)?

The main considerations for sizing an LSK are the motor or gearbox shaft diameter, the linear slide shaft diameter, and the torque requirements of the application.
More details on sizing an LSK