Gear Reducers, Couplings and Linear Slide Kits Featured in New Brochure from GAM

GAM Product Brochure Brochure April 28, 2008 - Mount Prospect In-line and right-angle gear reducers, linear mount products and servo and safety couplings are among the products detailed in a new full-line brochure published by GAM.

In-line gear reducers featured include the I.M.P.A.C.T.® Series, offering the highest precision, with bellows coupling integrated into the input and output; the high precision SPL Series with low backlash and quiet operation and the compact FP Series of shaftless planetary gearboxes with an output flange for easy connection of machine elements.

Right-angle gearboxes are detailed including the Dyna-Lite Series for the advantages of a right-angle gearbox and the price/accuracy of an in-line. The Dyna Series utilizes hypoid gearing which combines the space and configuration advantages of worm gearing with the high efficiencies of bevel gearing. Other right angle-gearbox options include the highly durable HPS Series and the low cost/low-ratio spiral bevel PL Series.

Designed to simplify mounting to a linear ball screw or belt module, the EPL and RPL Series gear reducers feature a hollow output that eliminates the need for additional couplings or adapters. Another mounting solution featured is the Linear Slide Kit (LSK) to simplify mounting linear slides to motors and gearboxes.

Servo couplings and direct drive and indirect drive safety couplings are also included in the brochure. Bellows coupling options with GAM's patented EASY Clamp System, elastomer couplings with excellent dampening capabilities and safety couplings with automatic re-engagement are detailed.

About GAM Gear, LLC

GAM Gear, LLC is a leading provider of precision mechanical power transmission components used in the automation of machinery. GAM has a broad product range of gear-reducers, servo-couplings, safety-couplings, and motor mount kits. GAM’s mission is to give our customers what they want and be able to do it in small quantities and at a value to the customer. For more information about GAM visit: or call 888.GAM.7117.