July 27, 2010 - GAM Gear Introduces the 2010 Gear Reducer Catalog

Gear Reducers Couplings Linear Mounting Kits 2010 Catalog Mount Prospect, IL, USA–July 27, 2010–GAM Gear, LLC has just released a new 2010 Catalog of Gear Reducers/Torque Converters and Linear Mounting Kits. The 2010 GAM Gear Catalog includes 6 complete new series of products, making the GAM Gear product range the broadest offering of servo-gear reducers in the industry.

The new 2010 GAM Gear catalog includes information on: a new line of low-cost high performance planetary gearboxes (PE-Series), a complete new range of bevel-gear reducers with or without an integrated motor mount (VC-Series and V-Series), a new hollow-shaft-low-cost-hypoid gearbox (DL-DH), and 2 new flange-style gearboxes (right angle DS-DF, and in-line FP-KB).

The 2010 GAM Gear catalog also includes information pertaining to the Linear Slide Kit product (LSK). The LSK is a line of motor mounting kits designed to mount any motor or gearbox to any linear belt or ball screw actuator. The LSK range also includes a unique hollow-output-planetary gearbox designed specifically to mount to linear actuators. GAM provides all engineering and manufacturing for the mating kits and ships within 5 days from order.

GAM prides itself on their ability to provide solutions that meet their customer’s special requirements. GAM welcomes requests for custom solutions and can provide products with small modifications, all the way to complete custom designs.

"Be Flexible To Meet Our Customer’s Requests And Give Great Service, is our motto," said Craig Van den Avont. Having the clear goal to provide our customers with a product that meets their unique requirements and standards, gives our entire company focus and an understanding of who we are, and what sets us apart from the competition. Nobody is more flexible and dynamic in our industry than GAM.

About GAM Gear, LLC

GAM GearGAM Gear, LLC is a leading provider of precision mechanical power transmission components used in the automation of machinery. GAM has a broad product range of gear-reducers, servo-couplings, safety-couplings, and motor mount kits. GAM’s mission is to give our customers what they want and be able to do it in small quantities and at a value to the customer. For more information about GAM visit: http://www.gamweb.com or call 888.GAM.7117.