How to quickly size an LSK Linear Slide Kit

  1. Verify the shaft diameter on the actuator.
    GAM LSK Actuator
  2. Verify the shaft diameter on the motor or gear reducer that you are trying to connect to the actuator.This will help you understand which LSK size you can physically connect to, as the couplings inside have a minimum and maximum allowable shaft range.
    GAM LSK Motor
  3. Next, you must consider the torque that will be required for the application. If you do not know what the torque of the application is, take the maximum allowable drive torque of the actuator or the peak torque of the motor or gear reducer.
  4. Using the LSK Catalog, find an LSK that has a torque rating greater than what your application requires and then make sure the shaft diameters are within the allowable range.Once you have the right LSK, you have the option to select a bellows coupling or elastomer coupling and whether you want the coupling to have smooth bores or keyed. (Smooth bores are standard and generally recommended)
    GAM LSK Linear Slide Kit

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