GAM Gear launches an upgraded web-based catalog with new features and improved functionality

Precision Gear Reducer and Servo Coupling | Web Based Catalog

Mount Prospect, IL - March 19, 2013 - GAM Gear, a manufacturer of precision gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting products launches an upgraded web-based catalog with new features and improved functionality.  The online catalog is a fully interactive experience allowing users to easily find products by browsing features or by searching on performance specifications.  Over 16,000 products can be configured to user specifications and then quickly downloaded in popular 2D / 3D CAD formats.

The first enhancement to the catalog is the addition of the LSK – Linear Slide Kit product group which includes fully configurable models.  GAM LSK - Linear Slide Kits are custom designed mounting solutions that connect virtually any motor or gearbox to any linear belt or ball screw product and have a five day lead-time.  “While simple in concept, designing a LSK can be time consuming based on the number of variables so previously, any LSK model request had to go through our engineering department” says Craig Van den Avont, President GAM Gear. “Now, customers can get these models in a matter of minutes.”  There are currently six major actuator manufacturers listed with the compatible LSK products they can connect to. 

Another major enhancement to the online catalog is a side by side comparison feature that allows users to compare up to six products and see the differences in technical specifications between each.  “This is an extremely powerful feature that will really help our customers select the best product for their application” said Van den Avont “We have a large product offering, so it is very important that it is very easy to size and select a product”. 

The last enhancement to the online catalog is a motor selection tool that features mounting dimensions for over sixty of the most popular servo motor manufacturers.  The dimensions are automatically populated in the CAD configurator allowing users to quickly generate an adapter plate to any gear reducer or LSK.  A feature in the system eliminates any motors that do not physically fit on to the selected gearbox.  If a particular motor manufacturer or model is not listed, dimensions can still be manually entered.   “We are always listening to our customers on how we can improve our products and services,” adds Van den Avont. “Having a motor selection tool option for our drawing configurator was one of the highest on their priority list.”

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