Safety Couplings

GAM Safety Coupling Safety couplings are used to minimize expensive damage when a collision occurs in a high performance servo drive system. When a collision occurs, the safety coupling will stop the destructive inertial forces instantly and eliminate downtime and repair costs often associated when just an overload relay is used.


  • Elastomer or Bellows types
  • Single point re-engagement preserves drive's reference point
  • Direct Drive or Indirect Drive
  • Custom bored to your application

Direct Drive Safety Couplings

Direct drive safety couplings connect two shafts together. The safety mechanism is connected to a bellows or elastomer coupling


SKB-KP Safety Coupling


SKW-KP Safety Couplings


SKB-EK Safety Couplings

Indirect Drive Safety Couplings

Indirect drive safety couplings are used for pulley, gear, or flange applications


SKB Safety Couplings


SKW Safety Couplings


SKX-L Safety Couplings


SKG Safety Couplings

Learn how do adjust the torque setting for GAM safety couplings. 


Can you adjust the disengagement torque on safety couplings?

Yes. We typically like to set the disengagement torque on all of our safety couplings before we ship them out, but they can also be adjusted in the field. Here's how.