Precision Gear Reducers – VC Series (Mini Spiral Bevel Gearboxes)

Small, lightweight, and powerful.

Our mini VC Series is a great miniature spiral bevel gearbox solution for servo applications. These robust gearboxes feature many output configurations and include integrated motor mounts. Single, multiple shaft or hollow shaft configurations are available. 1:1 up to 4:1 ratios are available.

The miniature VC Series gearboxes were formerly the LL Series gearboxes


  • 2 compact frame sizes: 35 mm & 45 mm
  • High-strength aluminum housing are lightweight and dissipate heat efficiently
  • Hard coat anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Numerous shaft configurations with Viton / FPM seals make them an excellent choice for semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, medical, or other mechatronic applications where small size and high performance matter.


VC-W Single Shaft Ouput
Gear Reducers | Spiral Bevel Gearbox VC-W Series

VC-T Dual Output
Gear Reducers | Spiral Bevel Gearbox VC-T Series

VC-K Keyed Hollow Output
Gear Reducers | Spiral Bevel Gearbox VC-K Series



Mini Spiral Bevel Gearbox Benefits

  • High efficiencies 94-98%
  • Lubricated for life with synthetic oil
  • Compact Design