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Company Culture

Our Core Values

GAM Can! That is our passion. The spirit of our entrepreneurial culture. We live and breathe our core values of Teamwork, being Action-oriented, building Long-term relationships, being Professional at what we do, and having Fun.

  • Teamwork:  We will be respectful and helpful to one another and be held accountable for our actions and our work. Great teams perform well when everyone is working together for the common good and genuine desire to help!
  • Action Oriented: We are doers not talkers, meaning, “We walk the talk.” We take  responsibility of a problem or opportunity to the end and not hand it off to another person until it is resolved. There is strong sense of urgency because solving problems quickly and accurately will prevail in the customer’s mind.
  • Long-term Relationships:  We are not interested in relationships that are short-lived. Relationships are the core to our business and trust is the foundation of our relationships. We will be true to our customers, our vendors and our employees. We strive for great friendship in these relationships because in the end we are here to enjoy one another and serve.
  • Professionalism: We are not just talking about our appearance when we are defining professionalism.  It‘s about being knowledgeable, learning to better oneself, truly listening to  others when they are talking, doing it right the first time (quality not quantity)and taking pride in the work you do.
  • Fun: We strive for a fun atmosphere at GAM. We know that with every business, there is pressure but we need to balance that pressure, with fun. We encourage activities that build friendships to know the whole person not just the work person.

Our Culture


The GAMMY is a peer-awarded, traveling trophy. Each month, the current holder of the trophy selects the next winner. It is awarded for best practicing the GAM values – it can recognize how a person applies the GAM values in a particular project or interaction, or for how they embody the GAM values in their work life as a whole. It is thoughtfully presented and enthusiastically celebrated!


History of the GAMMY

The GAMMY got its start when one of our teammates, Matt Ballinger, was scrounging around our lab and grabbed some obsolete and damaged parts.  He cobbled those parts together to create a desk ornament for his workspace. 

He continued to add to the montage till one day another teammate exclaimed, “Hey that thing looks like some sort of manufacturing trophy suitable for the Island of Misfit Toys!”  The Grammys happened to air the night before, and another teammate said, “That trophy is not a Grammy, it’s a GAMMY!” 

Right then and there, the team, not anyone from management, decided to give the “GAMMY” to a teammate that went above and beyond living up to the GAM Values.

So that is how that mis-shaped, sad looking, ensemble of parts, that only a GAM Teammate could love, came to existence.  Today it is one of the most cherished prizes a GAM Teammate can receive, because it is an award which is recognition from another teammate, unsolicited, and without management involvement.

Recent GAMMY Winners

March 2024


Nilu helps others that may be struggling, always has a positive attitude, and identifies and satisfies customer needs. She has a good sense of humor even in difficult situations. Nilu exemplifies the GAM values of Teamwork, Action-Oriented,  Professionalism, and Fun!

February 2024


Juan is always willing to help out others along with doing his own job. He is always fun and a great ping pong player! Juan exemplifies the GAM values of Teamwork, Action-Oriented, and Fun

September 2023


Tom is committed to following through on requests to meet GAM goals. Recently he coordinated his department to produce a record shipping quarter. And he’s a fantastic guy to work with. Tom exemplifies the GAM values of action-oriented, teamwork, and professionalism.

August 2023

Nick collaborates across all departments and works to deliver to all his customers – inside and outside GAM. And he’s fun to have around! Nick exemplifies all the GAM values!


June 2023


MJ’s thoroughness and attention to detail contributed greatly to the success of a recent project. MJ ensured all options were covered, solved problems as they came up, and kept the project moving. MJ  exemplifies the GAM values of action-oriented, teamwork, and professionalism.

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