GPL Zero-Backlash Robotic Planetary Gearbox: The New Standard in High Precision GearboxesGPL Planetary Gearbox

GAM’s revolutionary GPL Series Robotic Planetary Gearbox combines the lowest backlash and high tilting rigidity with vibration-free motion for smooth, controlled motion in robotics and motion control applications.


  • Backlash ≤ 0.1 arcmin (6 arcsec), 10x better than other precision gearboxes
  • Best-in-the-market torsional rigidity for ≤ 0.6 arcmin lost motion
  • Operates vibration-free for superior positional accuracy and continuous controlled throughout the motion
  • No adjustment required:Patented design guarantees backlash will not increase over the life time of the gearbox
  • Operating life of 20,000 hours
  • Industry-accepted proven performance
  • Integrated motor adapter ready to mount your motor
  • Replaces direct drive motors at significant cost savings
  • Exceed the performance of a cycloidal gearbox in almost every application
Learn more about backlash, lost motion and other gearbox accuracy terms in the guide: GAM Gearbox Accuracy Definitions (pdf)

Gearbox Construction

The GPL Series has three stages:

  1. Helical pinion and gear: high ratios and quiet operation
  2. Planetary spur: fixed ratio
  3. Conical spur: lifetime zero backlash

GPL Series Models

GPL gearboxes are available in component form or with cover and integrated input pinion with motor adapter


Solid Flange Output

GPL-F Gearbox with Flange Output


Hollow Flange Output

GPL-H Gearbox with Hollow Flange output


Right Angle Input

GPR with integral right angle input
  • Includes integral right angle input

GPL Planetary vs. Cycloidal

Why use the GPL Robotic Planetary instead of a cycloidal? The GPL Robotic Planetary exceeds the performance of a cycloidal gearbox in almost every application.

The Industry Standard
Cycloidal Gearbox
The New Standard
GAM GPL Robotic Planetary Gearbox
Cycloidal Gearbox GPL Robotic Planetary Gearbox
60 arcsec backlash 6 arcsec backlash
10 times better backlash
during motion
Vibration free-motion
Adjustment required Backlash maintained for rated life
no adjustment needed
6,000 hours rated life 20,000 hours rated life
3+ times better life

Additional Information