Elastomer Couplings

GAM offers you a complete line of elastomer couplings. We can help you define your coupling needs and offer you technically superior and cost-effective solutions. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities and highly skilled machinists enable us to customize your couplings for your exact applications and we offer same day delivery for custom bored couplings.

• The use of elastomer spiders with shore hardness ratings from 72-D to 98-A permit dampening of vibration caused by system resonance
• An affordable alternative if high stiffness is not critical
• The involute shaped teeth of the elastomer spider and jaws are preloaded and will not loosen over time.
• Ensures zero backlash and allows for easy plug-in assembly

Need an elastomer coupling quick?

Our EKM and EKC series ship in 5 business days standard. Learn about our express services.


Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash EKM Series
  • Elastomer for Servo Applciations
  • Many Sizes Available - Quick Delivery Available
  • Torques up to 1000Nm
Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash EKC Series
  • Low Cost Elastomer
  • Quick Delivery Available - Buy Online!
  • Torques up to 110Nm
Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash ESM-A Series
  • Balanced for high speed applications
  • Conical Clamping Design = High Clamping Forces
  • Torques up to 1000Nm
Elastomer Couplings Zero Backlash EKS Series
  • For hollow shaft installations
  • Torques up to 700Nm