Manufacturing applications in aerospace and defense must often meet the most demanding specifications and be subjected to the most rigorous testing, which are exactly the conditions our ultra-high precision Dyna Series right-angle gear reducers were designed to meet – and exceed.


What do surgical devices, automated drug delivery systems, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have in common? The requirement for the utmost accuracy and precision in every step of the manufacturing process. Our L Series gearboxes are critical components found in mechatronic assemblies in medical applications.


GAM components allow one material handling customer to achieve their goal of doubling lifting capacity while using standardized components across the line. That’s not an unusual result when we apply our product and engineering expertise to the solution of material handling challenges.


Go green with GAM! Our V Series spiral bevel gearboxes are helping to convert wind into electric power in wind turbine applications and are a great right-angle gearbox solution anytime your power system configuration needs to boost torques or even increase rotational speeds.


For highly cost-conscious packaging or converting applications, our versatile EPL planetary gearbox is widely known as the best value on the market.  From case packing, form fill & seal, to shrink wrapping, the EPL delivers the quality you need at a price you can afford.


Our SPH-F series gearbox offers space-saving and performance benefits needed in a wide variety of robotic and automation applications.  The ISO 9409 flange design allows easy integration of machine elements such as pinion gears, pulleys and transmission shafting.


To compete in global markets, North American machine tools builders – and users – must work smarter and to the very upper limits of precision to offset the labor cost advantages of overseas competition. "GAM can" with products like our SKB-KP direct drive safety coupling that protects your investment from crashes and jams.


Demanding environments common to wafer handling and board testing, including vacuums and extreme temperatures, place a premium on process stability. And that’s exactly what thousands of users value most about our EPL Series gear reducers as they continually excel in these conditions.