Distance Couplings

Distance couplings (also known as drive shaft couplings or line shaft couplings) can span axial lengths of 20ft without the need for additional intermediate bearings.  They are precision machined to the required length and are balanced for high speeds.  Their special designs allow for simple installation which make “one person assembly” possible.  Even at these long distances, GAM distance couplings remain zero backlash, torsionally stiff, and compensate for shaft mis-alignments to prevent premature bearing failures.


Distance Couplings Zero Backlash WDS
  • Bellows style distance coupling
  • Split hub design
  • High speed ratings
  • Lengths up to 20ft
  • Torques up to 1600Nm
Distance Couplings Zero Backlash EDC
  • Low cost elastomer style distance coupling
  • Split hub design
  • Easy Installation
  • Torques up to 110Nm