Distance Couplings

Distance coupling applicationDistance couplings (also known as drive shaft couplings or line shaft couplings) can span axial lengths of 20ft without the need for additional intermediate bearings. 


  • Precision machined to the required length and balanced for high speeds
  • Designed for simple one-person installation
  • Zero-backlash, torsionally stiff
  • Compensation for shaft mis-alignments prevents premature bearing failures

Need a distance coupling quick?

Most distance couplings are available in 3 to 4 weeks. Need one faster? Use our Express Service for a 2 week lead time. Contact us for more information.

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Guide: Mechanical Drive Solutions for Linear Systems

Distance Couplings in Linear Systems

Distance couplings, combined with a servo gearbox, simplify driving multiple linear actuators -- no additional bearing support needed! Get our guide to learn more: Mechanical Drive Solutons for Linear Systems

WDS Bellows Style

WDS Bellows Distance Coupling

EDC Elastomer Style

EDC Elastomer Distance Coupling


Can keyways be machined into GAM couplings?

Keyways are not recommended by GAM as they can actually introduce backlash into machine systems overtime. While not recommended, keys can still be machined into the couplings upon request.
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What is the standard bore tolerance for GAM couplings?

The standard bore tolerance provided on GAM couplings is G6.
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