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Mechanical Drive Solutions for Logistics & Warehouse Automation

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), along with automated storage and retrieval systems, are indispensable in automating warehouses and other intralogistic movements of goods and materials. The many types of mobile robots require many types of wheel drives.

GAM has the experience and gearboxes for warehouse logistics and automation for all types of wheel drives. With our engineering and manufacturing flexibility, GAM can collaborate with you for the right product for your application — from our standard GML wheel drive gearbox to custom solutions for specific applications. 

  • Linear mount products simplify the design and assembly of pick and place gantry or Cartesian systems.
  • We can integrate our strain wave (harmonic-type) gearboxes into a housing, simplifying the design and assembly of wheel drives on AGVs.

Application Types 

  • Pick and place gantry systems 
  • Wheel drives for AGV’s 
  • Cartesian systems 
  • Autonomous shelf loaders 
  • Sorting machines 
  • Rack and pinion robotic systems 

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GAM Products for Logistics and Warehouse Automation

GML Series Coaxial Wheel Hub Drive

The GML Series Wheel Drive uses planetary gearing for a coaxial system. The motor is located directly behind the
wheel without axle offset. This results in a cylindrical structure from the wheel to the motor.

This drive can be used as a direct drive or as a differential drive and can be combined with a steering drive to form a drive-steer unit

Offset Parallel Wheel Hub Drive

The OPG Series Offset Parallel Wheel Drive uses planetary gearing along with spur gears for parallel offset input and output axes.

This design is particularly suited to applications with a narrow track gauge where a coaxial drive would not work.

The offset design gives access to the output axis opposite the output flange. This allows an encoder or external braking systems to be directly mounted directly to the output axis instead of to the motor.

This drive can be used as a direct drive or as a differential drive and can be combined with a steering drive to form a drive-steer unit. 

Custom Solutions

Modified Standard Gearbox

Standard planetary gearbox modified for the demanding shock and reversing loads of the wheel drive of an automated  parking robot

Customized Planetary Gearbox

GAM produced a custom motor rotor shaft with an integral sun gear for a motor manufacturer. This drives a customized planetary gearbox with a spline output shaft to directly mount and drive an AGV Wheel

Collaborate with GAM

We have the ability to customize & modify all our products. Our team of engineers will collaborate with you to produce your desired result.

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