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High Ratio VC Series Spirable Bevel Gearbox with integrated motor mount

VC 2-stage bevel gearbox

The VC spiral bevel gearbox is now available with high ratios up to 100:1 The high-ratio VC Series is a 2-stage gearbox using a fully integrated EPL planetary gearbox on the input for the additional gear reduction

  • Sizes 090, 120, and 140
  • Ratios 7:1 to 100:1
  • 4 standard output configurations
    • Other configurations available upon request
  • Economical alternative to the GAM Dyna Series 2-stage (high ratio) gearbox

Robotic Strain Wave Gearbox

GAM’s GSL Series Robotic Strain Wave Gearboxes provide zero-backlash and high torque in a small, lighweight gearbox for integration into machines and mechanisms.GSL gearbox

Features include:

  • Drops in for popular competitor gearboxes
  • Backlash ≤ 0.5 arcmin (≤ 30 arcsec)
  • High reduction ratios in a single stage: 50:1 to 160:1
  • Simple design for integration into a mechanism or machine
  • High torque density with low inertia
  • Wide selection of configurations

Rack & Pinion

The GAM Helical Rack and Pinion series, along with our broad gearbox offering, provide a complete linear solution. Use our motion control engineering expertise to select the rack and pinion and match it with the right gearbox for your application.Gearbox, Rack and Pinion

Features include:

  • High precision helical rack for smooth, quiet operation
  • Precision pinions easily mount to GAM gearboxes
  • Pinion can be pre-mounted to the gearbox
  • Racks and pinions are matched to GAM gearboxes for easy selection
  • GAM engineering expertise to select the best solution for your application

Robotic Cycloidal Gearbox

GAM’s GCL Series Robotic Cycloidal Gearboxes provide low backlash and high rigidity for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications.GCL New Product

Features include:

  • Backlash of ≤1 arcmin with lost motion of ≤1 arcmin
  • Withstands the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots with impact resistance 5x nominal torque
  • Available as
    • Component with loose input shaft/pinion (GCLC-F, GCLC-H)
    • Gearbox with cover, integrated input, and motor mounting plate (GCL-F)
  • Drops in for many competitors’ products
  • Integrated motor adapter plate ready to mount your motor

VP & VPC Series Performance Plus Miniature Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

The VP Series Performance Plus miniature spiral bevel gearboxes pack high performance in a small package with the highest torque density, range of ratios, and torque capacity on the market.

vp series cutaway

  • Highest torque density for the size
  • Sizes 27, 33, and 45 mm
  • More ratios for the size: 1:1 to 4:1
  • High Efficiency 98%
  • Nominal Torque capacity of 1.3 to 16 Nm
  • Smooth hollow shaft output option (33 & 45 mm)
  • High-strength aluminum housing
  • Sealed and lubricated for life with synthetic oil
  • VPC Series with integrated motor mount
  • Ideal for Medical and Semiconductor applications

EPR & PER Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearbox

The EPR and PER Series Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearboxes provide all the advantages of our popular EPL and PE inline gearboxes in a right angle configuration. Offering the best quality available for the price point, the EPR and PE are ideal for most servo, stepper and other motion control applications. EPR-W Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearbox

  • The EPR Series is easy to configure with 5 outputs matching the EPL Series
  • The PER Series is a value alternative to the EPR when radial or axial loadings are minimized
  • 30,000 hours of service life for most models
  • Ratios from 3:1 to 1000:1
  • Ready to mount to your motor

With the same selection of outputs as the EPL and PE, there is an EPR or PER to fit your application.

GPL Robotic Planetary Gearbox

GAM’s GPL-F (shaft) and GPL-H (hollow) are our lowest backlash (≤ 0.1 arc minute ) planetary gearboxes for horizontal and vertical robotic applicationsGPL New Product

Features include:

  • Zero Backlash (< 0.1arcmin)
  • High torsional rigidity, torque density, and accuracy
  • Torque range from 400-3,000Nm
  • 90% Efficiency
  • 65 dB noise level
  • 20,000 hour service life
  • Compact design
  • Flange and Hollow output designs
  • Right Angle versions
  • 7 Frame sizes from 180-330mm
  • Subassembly and Fully Enclosed versions
  • Ratios from 40-200
  • No maintenance

Highest Precision: SPH-F Flange Gearbox

The SPH Flange (SPH-F) is the first high performance inline flange gearbox from GAM.  Based around high precision helical gear technology, the SPH flange is produced to the elevated standard of quality and reliability customers have come to expect from GAM's SPH product line.

SPH-F Helical Flange GearboxSPH Flange features include:

  • Low Backlash (<3 arcmin standard for single stage units, <1 arcmin reduced backlash
  • Smooth and quiet torque transmission
  • High load carrying capability
  • High torsional rigidity

Distance Couplings: EDC - Low Cost Elastomer Distance Coupling

The EDC is the latest addition to GAM's family of zero backlash drive shaft coupling solutions.  Offered in four sizes with torque ratings up to 110Nm, the EDC is available in standard lengths up to 3 meters.

GAM EDC - Elastomer Drive Shaft CouplingEDC Series features include:

  • Split hub design
  • Easy installation
  • Elastomer hubs for vibration dampening

Linear Mount Products: PMK - Parallel Mount Kit

The latest addition to GAM's linear mount product line is the new PMK - Parallel Mount Kit series. The PMK can help save space and reduce the overall length of an actuator by bringing the motor parallel to the ball screw.  Unlike similar products available on the market, the PMK was designed for flexibility enabling you to connect virtually any motor to any linear ball screw actuator.

GAM PMK - Parallel Mount KitPMK Series features include:

  • 4 frame sizes
  • Sturdy housing machined from aluminum and then anodized
  • High torque rubber timing belt and timing pulleys provided
  • Horizontal and Vertical mounting options

Highest Precision: SPH Series - Helical Gearbox

The SPH is GAM’s latest solution for today’s demanding motion control challenges. Designed for dynamic and cyclic applications and can also be optimized for high speed and continuous duty applications.  Helical gearing brings a new level of power and precision to GAM's product range.

SPH Helical GearboxSPH Series features include:

  • High torques
  • Smooth and quiet torque transmission
  • Low backlashes
  • High efficiencies

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