About Us

GAM, a U.S. company, is your complete source for robotic and servo gear reducers, rack & pinion systems, servo couplings, linear mounting kits, and other precision mechanical drive solutions used in automation technology.

With one of the largest product offerings in the motion control industry as well as the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to develop customized solutions, GAM can help with your application.

U.S. manufacturing, being flexible to meet the needs of customer requests, and great service are what set us apart from the rest.

GAM Can.

See what our valued customer, Kliklok-Woodman, says about working with us:

Our Why

Many companies know what they do and how they do it. But do they really know WHY they are in business? Yes, we all know that we are in business to be profitable, that is a given. But what gets people to wake up in the morning and be inspired to come to work?

At GAM, our WHY, or our purpose, is to be passionate about helping our customers, our vendors, our sales channel and our employees become more successful.  We are a high integrity team of awesome people working together to wow our customers with innovative mechanical solutions for the OEM machine builder market.

Our Culture

Our Values

GAM Can! That is our passion. The spirit of our entrepreneurial culture. We live and breathe our core values of Teamwork, being Action-oriented, building Long-term relationships, being Professional at what we do, and having Fun.

  • Teamwork:  We will be respectful and helpful to one another and be held accountable for our actions and our work. Great teams perform well when everyone is working together for the common good and genuine desire to help!
  • Action Oriented: We are doers not talkers, meaning, “We walk the talk.” We take  responsibility of a problem or opportunity to the end and not hand it off to another person until it is resolved. There is strong sense of urgency because solving problems quickly and accurately will prevail in the customer’s mind.
  • Long-term Relationships:  We are not interested in relationships that are short-lived. Relationships are the core to our business and trust is the foundation of our relationships. We will be true to our customers, our vendors and our employees. We strive for great friendship in these relationships because in the end we are here to enjoy one another and serve.
  • Professionalism: We are not just talking about our appearance when we are defining professionalism.  It‘s about being knowledgeable, learning to better oneself, truly listening to  others when they are talking, doing it right the first time (quality not quantity)and taking pride in the work you do.
  • Fun: We strive for a fun atmosphere at GAM. We know that with every business, there is pressure but we need to balance that pressure, with fun. We encourage activities that build friendships to know the whole person not just the work person.
GAM 30 years: 1990-2020

The GAM Advantage

  1. Broadest Range of Standard Products
  2. Flexible U.S. Manufacturing: customized solutions for your application
  3. Excellent Customer Service with strong technical knowledge

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