Can keyways be machined into GAM couplings?

Keyways are not recommended by GAM as they can actually introduce backlash into machine systems overtime.  While not recommended, keys can still be machined into the couplings upon request.   Read more about coupling keyways >

What is the standard bore tolerance for GAM couplings?

The standard bore tolerance provided on GAM couplings is G6.  Read more about coupling bore tolerance >

Can you adjust the disengagement torque on safety couplings?

Yes. We typically like to set the disengagement torque on all of our safety couplings before we ship them out, but they can also be adjusted in the field.  Here's how to adjust disengagement torque >

How do I quickly size an LSK (Linear Slide Kit)?

The main considerations for sizing an LSK are the motor or gearbox shaft diameter, the linear slide shaft diameter, and the torque requirements of the application. More details on sizing an LSK >