Our History

GAM Enterprises began in 1990 when Gary Michalek saw an opportunity to start a long-term relationship with Jakob Antriebstechnik, a German based company who introduced the first servo bellows coupling into the machine tool market. We began as a distributor but soon realized to be successful, we needed to add manufacturing and soon became known as the company to call when you needed a custom bored coupling shipped same day.

In 1998, GAM Gear was formed with Craig Van den Avont, who left Rexroth Indramat as Chief Engineer to start our high precision gearbox company to complement GAM’s servo coupling product line. The gearbox product line and overall company has grown under his leadership.

Today, GAM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of robotic and servo gear reducers, rack & pinion systems, servo couplings, linear mounting kits, and other precision mechanical drive solutions used in automation technology.

Our Evolution

Throughout our history, GAM has been constantly evolving - from our beginning as a distributor to full design, development, and manufacturing of our own products.

Today 90% of the gearboxes GAM ships are produced in the USA, proving US manufacturing can succeed!

Our Beginning

  • 1990 GAM Enterprises is founded by Gary Michalek, bringing the bellows coupling to the North American Market, eventually establishing 80% market share
  • 1998 GAM Gear, LLC is created by Gary Michalek and Craig Van den Avont to go to market as a gearbox company, under the GAM brand, with a complete competitive product range, established through several key private label agreements

We Add Light Manufacturing

  • 1999  Establish light manufacturing to manufacture gearbox components and final assembly
  • 2004  Launch our first in-house developed product, the LSK Linear Slide Kit
  • 2009  Develop a low-cost hypoid gearbox, the Dyna-Lite
  • 2013  GAM Gear and GAM Enterprises companies merge

We Establish Full Design, Development, and Manufacturing

  • 2015  Implement full gearbox manufacturing in-house with US sources
  • 2018  Acquire the rights to the highest performance planetary from our supplier and move manufacturing to GAM in the USA
  • 2018  Begin a multi-year project to launch 5 new product lines targeted at the Robotics Market through in-house development and global partnerships
  • 2019 Over 85% of the products shipped are GAM developed and manufactured

We Expand for Future Success

  • 2021 Move into new facilities 3x larger
  • 2022 Begin gear manufacturing

GAM Sign