GAM Supports the Patrick Stein Foundation

In 2011, Gary Michalek, CEO of GAM, competed in the Florida Ironman to help raise money for the Pat Stein Foundation. Pat suffered an unexpected stroke on the operating table that left him with “locked in syndrome”, a condition that leaves all of the body paralyzed except your mind. Pat’s circumstances could happen to anybody but his message to everyone that “fear is only in your head” inspires all of us that we can accomplish great things if we realize that fear is really only in your head!

This powerful short 4 minute trailer re-examines his place in the world and his fight for life. The goal is to finish up the 30 minute cut so it can be presented at this year’s Film Festivals (and ultimately lead to the production of a longer feature length version of the documentary).

If after watching this clip, you are inspired to make a difference in your life or others, regardless how big or how small it is, then I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share Pat’s story to you. GAM has a strong commitment in helping others and we regularly donate money and our time to this cause!