Application Story - Custom Gearbox Powers Intelligent Lifting Device
GAM solution for Gorbel® G-Force® costs less than competitive off-the-shelf products


Project Objectives:

After a successful initial collaboration, Gorbel Inc. challenged GAM Gear to develop a
gearbox for its new line of G-Force Intelligent Lifting Devices (ILDs) that would fit tight space
constraints, provide the necessary torque in three capacities to handle loads up to 660 lbs. and
cost less than the components they have used in the past.
The co-development project between the two companies, which began as a cost-reduction
initiative, ultimately had two main drivers, says Jeff McNeil, Gorbel director of marketing.
“We wanted to double our highest capacity from 330 lbs. to 660 lbs. and we wanted to use
standardized components in all three capacities.”

Application Story: Custom Gearbox Powers Intelligent Lifting Device Gorbel G Force



















The Co-development Process:

New York-based Gorbel’s patented G-Force technology provides more precise, controllable
action than traditional hoists while being more responsive than air balancers. Standard hoists
feature a pendant with up and down buttons. G-Force devices sense hand movement and speed
and automatically react accordingly. Other features, such as “virtual limits,” can be programmed
into the lifting devices via custom software to integrate then with a customer’s specific
GAM was brought in early in the redesign and, working closely with Gorbel’s product
development engineers, designed a custom gearbox solely for use in G-Force ILDs. Both
rotating and mating components were looked at with a view to eliminating anything that was
functionally unnecessary..

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The Successful Results:

In the final design, the gearbox provides the required torque to the lift through a rotating
housing that acts like a powerful driven pulley. “The GAM components allowed us to achieve
our goal of doubling capacity while using standardized components across the line,” McNeil
states. Functionally, McNeil adds, the G-Force devices provide fast, precise servo-controlled
lifting without any valve changes. With lightweight jobs, the product competes against manual
lifting and workers won’t use it if it slows them down. At higher capacities – engine assemblies,
for example – G-Force lifts may be required to place 400 to 500 lb. pieces together very
precisely. “You can’t risk damaging expensive parts or causing a crushing injury to an operator’s
hand,” McNeil notes.

Application Story: Custom EPL Gearbox Powers ILDs Gorbel G Force







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