Application Story - Dyna-Lite Gearbox with Hex Shaft


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Application Challenge

Dyna-Lite Hypoid Gearbox Hex ShaftThe customer was looking to improve the positioning and speed control of their chain conveyor systems.  In order to achieve this, they needed to replace the helical-worm gearmotors that were driving the conveyors with geared servo motors. 

The conveyor drive inputs are hollow hex shaped and require a six piece shaft adapter kit in order to connect the gearmotors.  Finding a gearbox that could properly interface with the hollow hex input was the main challenge.

GAM Solution

GAM engineers selected a Dyna-Lite right angle hypoid gearbox.  The output shaft was modified to a hex profile which allowed the gearbox to integrate directly into to the conveyor drive unit with just a single adapter plate.

While GAM could have provided a standard Dyna-Lite with a hex shaft assembly kit, this solution eliminated five components, resulting in a more compact and easier to assemble system.  Tapped holes on the conveyor adapter plate were also provided so that a structure could be attached for supporting the gearbox and motor.

Dyna-Lite Hypoid Gearbox Hex Shaft 3

Dyna-Lite hypoid gearbox with modified hex output shaft:

Dyna-Lite Hypoid Gearbox Hex Shaft