GAM GPL Gearbox: Direct Drive Motor Performance at a Significantly Lower Cost

Conventional thinking is… “Direct drive motors are the premier solution for precision motion control with a direct connection that eliminates the gearbox.”

GAM's revolutionary GPL zero-backlash planetary gearbox throws that out the window!

So the new thinking can be…

I can get a gearbox and motor with the same performance as a direct drive motor at a significant savings!

When you replace a direct drive motor with a GPL gearbox and your servo motor, you get a solution that...

  • Matches the direct drive motor in fit and performance
  • Allows you to use your preferred servo motor
  • Offers significant savings over direct drive motors
  • Outperforms all other zero-backlash gearboxes on the market

The GPL is a game changer in other ways too. The GPL…

  • Provides smooth path control, positioning, and repeatability
  • Maintains <6 arcsec backlash for the life of the gearbox
  • Best-in-the-market torsional rigidity for ≤ 0.6 arcmin lost motion
  • Reduces maintenance costs with 20,000 hours of life, no adjustment necessary

GAM’s GPL Planetary Gear Reducer: The New Standard in High Precision

Application Story

A GAM customer had an application requiring multiple configurations, zero-backlash, and a shrink disc connection. Their current solution used multiple sizes of direct drive motors and had a problem with water ingress

Learn more about how a standard GPL in a custom housing simplified their application

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